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Make your own
Worm Casting
with just a Quart
of Castings!

Casting Tea 1 gal. buckets
(A "Finished" Brew)
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This is not rocket science, we're just going to whip up a batch of Worm Casting Tea using a Qt. of castings. After you brew a batch or 2 you'll be whipping them out with your eyes closed.

About the hardest of this all is still quite simple. Need to cut an opening in the gallon milk jug as shown to the right. Use whatever cutting device you're most comfortable with, scissors, steak knife, utility knife etc etc. Experiment to see what's best for you but I try to cut just a tad above the curve for a sort of added splash shield for when we start shaking it later on (in addition to the air bubbler).

As you can see from the photo it doesn't have to be all that 'neat', just large enough to get the items inside & let some air flow around. Keep in mind that the rougher the edges are the more it's gonna 'bite' you if you need to put your hand inside for whatever reason. Since I can cut the opening quicker than it takes me to scrub one down to re-use I usually just use them once. They seem to 'float' around here & are handy for other tasks around here till they get too dirty or torn etc. If you do re-use the milk jug be sure to scrub it out good with an anti bacterial soap in between uses.

PepperMikes Casting Tea 1 gal. buckets
Opening cut in milk jug
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First off if you don't have de-chrlorinated water assemble your air pump, tubing & air stone & get your 1 qt. of tap water in the jug, Run it for at least an hour with bubbler in the water in the jug & you're all set.

Tip ButterflyTime saver: don't have a 'quart' measure handy? Use our Conversion Calculator page which tells me 4 cups = 1 qt. (seems I can usually find a cup measure quicker than a qt.)

Ok, so you've got your pump pumpin' away, now is when I normally add the "Unsulphered" Molasses as it's easier to get it mixed in without the nylon hose full of castings in the way. Add your 2 teaspoons & stir till it's mixed in. The "Unsulphered" Molasses will help feed the micro-herd we're after. There are a number of other additives that can be used but I've tried to make this as simple as possible & still get a good brew of tea.

The "Unsulphered" Molasses is readily available most likely in your local supermarket / grocery store. To the right is a bottle my local grocery chain carries. I doubt brand names matter but make sure it says "Unsulphered" In the image to the right it's right under the word Molasses.
 Unsulphered Molasses<
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Right under the word: Molasses on this bottle it says "Unsulphered".



Now put your quart of castings into the nylon stocking. Hmmmmm,,, a bit tricky you say? Well use a wide mouth funnel or 'recycle' one like I do here out of a 2 liter soda bottle! (See photo to right) Cut off both ends, the bottom of course being the 'mouth' & toward the cap a bit smaller. Might take a time or 2 to get the smaller end cut off just like you want it but it works. This is exactly what I use all the time. When you get it cut you can slip the hose up over the soda bottle a bit & work the castings down into the stocking.

About the nylon stocking, they're cheap if you have to buy them but, use any that might be around the house with a run or hole in them. Just tie off both ends instead of just one if you were using a stocking with a foot. Again 'RECYCLE'!!

You want to put the castings in the stocking so it forms more of a 'tube' than just a clump or ball. Will make it easier to place it inside the bottle but will also help spread more surface area while it brews. The photo to the right of all the parts shows a black stocking full & in the 'tube' shape I'm trying to explain. Tie off the end with whatever you have handy, piece of twine, rubber band etc.


2 Liter Soda Bottle Funnels

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For castings I normally use something like the middle one in the photo.
2 Liter Soda Bottle Funnels
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